What is the difference between a kangal and wolf?


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The largest difference between the Kangal and the wolf is that they are separate species. The wolf is known as Canis lupus, while the Kangal is a domestic dog and is scientifically known as Canis familiaris. Although dogs are descended from wolves, they are not considered wild and are more likely to retain juvenile traits because of domestication. Wolves are also generally more intelligent than dogs due to larger brains.

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The proportions of a dog's body noticeably vary from that of a wolf, except in more wolf-like breeds, such as the Siberian husky or the German shepherd. Dogs usually have proportionally shorter legs and heads. The long, lanky legs of the wolf allow it to run more easily and chase prey for long distances. Wolves are also more social and can live in packs containing around 10 members.

Although wolves are considered more formidable than dogs, the Kangal is a dog specifically bred to protect livestock and masters from other predators, including wolves. The Kangal is a robust, powerful breed with a fur coat thick enough to repel some biting attacks. Due to the Kangal's protective instincts and loyal, affectionate personality, it makes a great pet for many families. While the Kangal can be standoffish to strangers, it is not overly difficult with them.

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