What Is the Difference Between a Hippo and Crocodile?


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Hippopotamuses are mammals, while crocodiles are reptiles. Although both of these animals spend the majority of their lives in the water, each creature has characteristics that make them very different from one another, including significant physical differences and differences of habitat.

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Crocodiles live in the tropical wetlands and rivers along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. On the other hand, hippos live in deep lakes and rivers inland in eastern central and southern sub-Saharan Africa.

The crocodile and hippo have drastic physical differences. The crocodile can measure from 7 to 30 feet in length. Crocodiles have long, pointed snouts, and the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw is visible. A crocodile's skin is green and scaly. Hippos are massive animals weighing up to 800 pounds. Hippo skin is slightly brown with the facial skin being slightly pink.

Hippos are herbivores, while crocodiles are carnivores. Hippos graze on grass and fallen fruits. Crocodiles eat fish, turtles, birds and small mammals.

Crocodiles lay their eggs on land. Crocodile babies are born on land prior to entering the water. Most crocodile species do not stay with their nest, but return to see if the eggs have hatched. Hippos give birth to their young underwater and remain with the calf until it weans.

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