What Is the Difference Between Algae and Fungi?

Some differences between algae and fungi are that they belong to different taxonomic kingdoms and obtain energy through different sources. Algae are plant-like organisms that belong to the kingdom Protista, while fungi belong to the kingdom Fungi. Another difference are the environments in which these organisms can live.

Algae are photosynthetic organisms that have chlorophyll and can make their own food. Algae live mainly in water environments and need sunlight to survive. Algae can include different types of organisms, such as green algae, diatoms and dinoflagellates.

On the other hand, fungi are decomposers that survive by either consuming dead matter or eating off other organisms, which are their hosts. Since fungi do not have chlorophyll, these organisms cannot make food as algae do. They are heterotrophs, while algae are autotrophs. Fungi live in soil, air and water and can thrive both in sunlight and darkness. Some types of fungi are mushrooms, mold and yeast.