What Did the Baby Porcupine Say When It Backed Into a Cactus?

The porcupine inquired if the cactus were its mother. The porcupine is a member of the rodent family and are best known for being covered with sharp quills with some species having quills that are a foot long.

Porcupines have soft hair all over their bodies, but the sharp quills are more noticeable. Contrary to a popular myth, porcupines do not shoot their quills at predators. The quills just easily detach once they prick another unfortunate animal.

There are about two dozen species of porcupines, and their average lifespan is between five and seven years. These animals are herbivores, and their bodies can grow from 25 to 36 inches and weigh from 12 to as much as 35 pounds. Baby porcupines have soft quills at birth, but these become sharp and hard within a matter of days.