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Albert Einstein was a pioneering scientist and physicist, most famous for his theory of relativity, who made several breakthroughs in scientific understanding of time and space, explains Planet Science. Many also credit him with being the father of modern physics. Einstein's works include developing an understanding of photons and showing that all matter is composed of atoms.

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Albert Einstein made many contributions to modern physics. Most famous is his theory of relativity, although he did not receive his Nobel prize for this particular theory. Einstein's theory explains that there exists a fabric known as spacetime that can be impacted by sufficiently large objects, such as planets. His theory also described special relativity, which states that movement cannot be measured unless it is relative to another object.

Beyond his theory of relativity, Einstein showed that light moves in small objects, called photons. This was an incredibly important step in developing modern quantum physics theory. He was also able to explain that all matter is composed of atoms. He did this by examining pollen grains in water. According to Planet Science, Albert Einstein's fame comes from the fact he made lasting and meaningful contributions to the studies of space, time and light.

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