What Is Diamond Dust Used For?

diamond-dust-used Credit: Tony Soh/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

Diamond dust is used in the machine industry for grinding and in the art industry to create a textured surface. Diamond dust from real diamonds is often created from diamond cutting.

Diamonds have a chemical structure that makes them harder than nearly every other natural or synthetic substance. Diamonds are an important natural resource and because of their unique properties are valued for both gem making and industrial purposes. The percentage of diamonds used to create gems for jewelry averages at below 20 percent. Even in uncut form, these high-grade diamonds have a high refractive index and exhibit strong dispersion.

Lower-grade diamonds are used in many industrial settings, such as mining. Diamond encrusted rotary bits are used to drill oil wells and for tunneling through solid rock. Further, low-grade diamonds are often ground into dust which is sifted into different batches according to size and then used as abrasive powder. The powder is used to form grinding wheels or polishing paste. Diamond powder is also used polish high-grade gems. The dust is also used in technology industries as a coating for integrated circuits.

Various individuals in the art industry also use diamond dust to create their works. Andy Warhol was known for his diamond dust works. However, readily available diamond dust for art is made of glass or other clear material.