How Do You View a Diagram Detailing the Anatomy of the Ear?


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Diagrams detailing the anatomy of the human ear are available at WebMD.com and at URMC.Rochester.edu. Both of these pages contain brief explanations of inner ear anatomy, in addition to diagrams.

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WebMD contains numerous pages on human anatomy and physiology. Although the webpage containing an anatomical diagram of the ear is listed under the subsection "Brain & Nervous System Health Center," as of 2015 this page is not directly accessible from that section's default landing page. Users must perform an in-site search to locate the diagram. Clicking on the link labeled "Human Anatomy: The Ear" takes the user to a webpage that contains the diagram.

The University of Rochester's diagram is inside the Health Encyclopedia section. Like the WebMd diagram, users must use the site's search bar to locate the page, as it is not directly linked to the Encyclopedia's index.

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