How do you determine temperatures with wind chill factors?


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Determine temperatures according to the wind chill factor by using a wind chill chart, such as the one provided by the National Weather Service. Since there is no universally agreed standard for the definition of wind chill, many different formulas exist to calculate the temperature according to the wind chill factor.

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Wind chill factor refers to the effect of wind speed on body heat loss at a specific temperature level. The formulas used for calculating the wind chill factor are complex since they take into account a large number of variables, such as air temperature, wind velocity and wind chill index. In the model prepared by the Joint Action Group for Temperature Indices, the wind chill index value pertains to the heat transferred by a bare face while facing the wind, walking at a speed of 3.1 mph.

Calculating the temperature according to the wind chill factor is not an easy endeavour. For this reason, organizations such as the National Weather Service provide charts that allow to determine the temperature with ease by comparing the temperature and wind speed. Additionally, a wind chill chart provides visual breakdowns of the maximum exposure time at each temperature level before frostbite sets in.

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