How Do You Determine an Organism's Niche?

The way an organism interacts with the other species in the same ecosystem and the way it utilizes available resources determines its niche. Where an organism lives and what it eats shows how it utilizes available resources.

Niche refers to an organism's role in a particular ecosystem. Niches include herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, predators, consumers and producers. Producers make food for all, and their food is eaten by consumers. Herbivores consume producers. Other consumers are eaten by carnivores. Predators consume prey. Both consumers and producers are eaten by omnivores.

The clean-up organisms are comprised of decomposers and scavengers. Scavengers feed on decaying or dead animals and plants. Decomposers do not eat dead matter; instead, they grow in or on dead matter. They absorb the matter's essential nutrients into their cells prior to recycling them back into the surroundings.