What Is the Most Destructive Volcano in the World?

SUTANTA ADITYA / Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

To humans, the most destructive volcano in the world is Mount Tambora in Indonesia. This volcano created the most powerful eruption in known history and killed 100,000 people along the way. Its eruption was 100 times more powerful than Vesuvius.

This eruption sent ash 30 miles into the air. There are also many honorable mentions in the list of most destructive volcanoes. For example, one volcano in China erupted 260 million years ago, causing the mid-Permian extinction, which killed off species all around the globe. While many people focus on the eruption itself when accounting for the destructiveness of a volcano, another important factor is the ash cloud, which can poison various species and block out light. In modern times, a large ash cloud, such as the one that resulted from Eyjafjallajökull’s eruptions in Iceland, can ground air traffic for long periods of time, halting commerce and travel.