How Do You Desalinate Water?

How Do You Desalinate Water?

How Do You Desalinate Water?

To desalinate water, you need to fill a bowl with water, place a glass in the middle and cover it with plastic. Be sure to poke a small hole in the plastic above the empty glass before leaving it out in the sun. The evaporation-condensation cycle will commence, and eventually, there will be fresh, desalinated water gathering inside the glass.

  1. Prepare the desalination system base

    Choose a bowl that is large enough to hold water and another container inside of it. Fill the bowl with salted water, but not to the brim. This is so the water will have space in which to evaporate later.

  2. Place a container in the center

    Place an empty glass in the middle of the system base. This container will catch the desalinated water. It should be taller than the water surrounding it to prevent the salted water from getting into the glass and contaminating the desalinated water.

  3. Cover the top with plastic film

    Stretch some plastic over the entire bowl, and seal it well around the rim. At the center, right on top of the empty glass, poke a small hole.

  4. Leave the desalination system out In direct sunlight

    Place the entire bowl under the sun, and wait for the water to evaporate. The water will evaporate, condense, then gather under the plastic to eventually drip into the glass in the middle, which completes the process.