What Is the Depth of the Lithosphere?


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The lithosphere, which is Earth's hard rock layer, has a depth of about 62.14 miles. The lithosphere consists of the crust and the upper region of the mantle, which are the Earth's uppermost layers.

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The Earth's crust consists of an oceanic and continental portion. The upper mantle, which is found below the crust region, has a total depth of 416.32 miles. The composition of the upper mantle consists of a portion of the lithosphere and the asthenosphere. The asthenosphere, which is below the lithosphere, has a depth that ranges from 62.14 to 124.27 miles.

Below the upper mantle, there are three other layers, which are the lower mantle, outer core and inner core. The lower mantle has a depth that ranges from 416.32 to 1,801.98 miles under the topmost layer of the crust.

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