When Is Deforestation Good?


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Deforestation can bring climatic and economic benefits to some areas, particularly where snowfall is frequent during the winter months and timber productivity has fallen. In some cases, removing trees brings advantages over leaving them in place, according to Nature World News.

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New Hampshire's White Mountains are one region in which deforestation has advantages. The high latitude and elevation make this area rich in snowfall, and the cold climate in the area, as well as the infertile soil, means that forests cannot grow particularly quickly or abundantly. Once the snow falls, it stays in the area well into the spring. Deforestation would make it easier to clear the area for the timber industry each year and to take advantage of the surface reflection of solar energy coming to the area.

Researchers have found that leaving forests in place is counterproductive in areas like these, as keeping dark forests that do not retain much carbon while hindering the helpful effects of reflecting snow actually is harmful to the environment in terms of climate control. While in the majority of cases forests provide more benefits when allowed to grow, in other cases sending light back up into the atmosphere would impact the climate more productively.

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