What Are Some Facts About Deforestation?


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Deforestation destroys almost 18 million acres of land each year as of 2016, reports Live Science. Some of the causes of deforestation are to make more land for urbanization, to make items such as paper, and to create ingredients such as oil. There are several methods of deforestation, including burning trees and clear cutting. Some of the consequences of deforestation are global warming, loss of species, effects on the water cycle, soil erosion and effects on quality of life.

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One method of deforestation, clear cutting, occurs when a large area of trees are cut down all at once. Burning trees occurs quickly or by the slash and burn method, which refers to when developers cut down a patch of trees, burn them, and grow crops on that land using the ashes as nourishment.

Deforestation contributes to global warming by lessening the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and releasing more carbon dioxide into the air. 70 percent of the world's species of animals and plants are losing their homes to deforestation. Deforestation causes soil erosion because when trees no longer anchor soil, the soil can blow away, causing problems with vegetation growth. The new crops further contribute to soil erosion.

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