How Do You Get a Defined Cheekbone?

defined-cheekbone Credit: lambada/E+/Getty Images

The easiest way to achieve the appearance of defined cheekbones is through the use of special light-and-shadow tricks with makeup. Defined cheekbones are also sought after through a variety of methods, such as facial exercises, contouring tricks and surgical augmentation. Non-invasive procedures, such as Botox and Juvederm injections, are also used to slightly alter the shape of the face and create the appearance of better-defined cheekbones.

Applying natural blush shades like peach, apricot and rose directly to the lines of the cheekbones and dragging the color up the shape of the bones towards the ears create the appearance that the skin under the cheekbones is more sunken-in, causing the cheekbones to seem to protrude from the face. Regular facial exercises, such as nose scrunches, dramatic vowel pronunciation, sucking the cheeks between the top and lower teeth and grinning widely can help to exercise the facial muscles and create the appearance of defined cheekbones. If surgery is elected, plastic surgeons can implant a solid prosthesis into the face on top of the actual cheekbone as a permanent solution to creating better facial definition. The appearance of defined cheekbones can also be created with injections of Restylane and other soft tissue fillers or even with the patient's own fat.