How Do You Define Carbon Footprint for Kids?


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The measure of a person's impact on the environment is a simple way to define carbon footprint to children. A more in-depth explanation is that it is the amount of carbon produced by all of a person's activities.

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Using fossil fuels such as oil to heat a house and gasoline to run a car can create carbon dioxide. A person's carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide that he or she produces. Carbon footprints can be compared to footprints in the sand. Just as walking in sand leaves behind a visible footprint, a person's actions leave behind an invisible footprint, or impact, on the earth.

Having a smaller carbon footprint is better than having a larger one. Being carbon neutral is the result of all of a person's activities absorbing as much carbon dioxide as they release. Children can reduce their carbon footprints by learning to turn off lights when leaving a room, learning to garden, using both sides of each piece of paper and recycling. Teaching children to walk, ride bikes or utilize public transportation rather than using cars is another good way to reduce carbon footprints. Children mainly learn to reduce their carbon footprints by following adult examples.

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