How Deep Is Lake Huron?

deep-lake-huron Credit: Andreas Duess/CC-BY-2.0

The average depth of Lake Huron is approximately 195 feet, but its deepest point reaches 750 feet below the surface. This massive body of water is located between Michigan and Canada, stretching 206 miles long and 183 miles wide.

With a surface area of 23,000 square miles, Lake Huron is the second largest Great Lake, but it ranks third when measured by volume. Lake Huron contains roughly 30,000 islands, including Manitoulin, the largest freshwater island in the world. The area's earliest known inhabitants were the Wyandot, or Huron, American Indians, and the lake became a major site of European exploration and missionary work in the 1600s. Modern-day Lake Huron is home to popular tourist resorts and serves as a thriving economic center for fishing and lumber trade.