When Does Daylight Savings Time Typically Start?


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In the United States, daylight savings time (DST) commences on the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in the month of November, states the Old Farmer's Almanac. On the specified date in March, the clocks are set 1 hour ahead at 2:00 a.m., and clocks are revert 1 hour back at the same time in November on the indicated day. However, DST in other countries can occur on different dates.

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Other countries that observe DST in the Northern Hemisphere besides the United States can set clocks ahead some time during the months of March and April, and then clocks go back to standard time between the months of September and November. In the Southern Hemisphere, DST occurs in the reverse order, where clocks are set ahead some time during the months of September and November.

The reason for using daylight savings time is that it provides extra hours of natural daylight. Benjamin Franklin is credited with the concept of daylight savings time.

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