What Is a Day Planner?


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A day planner is a tool to organize day-to-day activities and schedules. Planners come in both electronic and hard-copy versions. The book or online tool typically includes monthly, weekly and daily calendars as well as areas for notes and to-do lists.

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What Is a Day Planner?
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Day planners allow the user to track deadlines, appointments, meetings and other important dates. The to-do section of the planner serves as a running list of tasks to complete.

Hard-copy planners come in a variety of sizes, from small books that fit in a pocket to full-size books similar to notebooks. Day planners typically come with a spiral binding along the edge to allow the book to open up completely.

Some day planners include a section in the front for contact and reference information. The book covers at least one year, with sections for each month. The beginning of each monthly schedule typically shows a calendar of the full month. The following pages provide sections for each day of the month, with enough room to write in important appointments, deadlines and events.

Online planners allow access from smart phones and computers without the need to carry around a physical book. Users input important dates, with the option to set pop-up reminders when the events near. Many electronic planners allow users to share events with others.

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