What Are the Dangers of Piling Trash?

Some of the dangers of piling trash include creating an eyesore, endangering wildlife, facilitating spread of disease and parasites, water contamination and air pollution. Piling garbage is often caused by poor disposal of waste by both commercial industries and domestic users.

One of the most devastating effects of piling garbage is that is can easily lead to soil pollution. This means that the area affected may not be able to yield good plant growth, which will eventually lead to less vegetative coverage. Animals are likely to suffer since the area will not have sufficient amounts of plants for animals to eat.

Another issue that may arise is that chemicals may spill from the garbage and find a way into nearby water bodies. Such water bodies may then become unfit for human and animal consumption. Equally, aquatic creatures may be adversely affected by chemicals slipping through into their habitat.

Another complication regarding garbage piling is that it is likely to lead to emission of greenhouse gases such as methane. When this takes place, the ozone layer is damaged and global warming is enhanced. Such gases may also become dangerous to human beings since they may affect the skin or increase the effects of conditions such as asthma.