What Damage Do Hurricanes Cause?

Hurricanes cause severe damage to man-made structures and the natural environment, and they can uproot trees, destroy walls, upturn vehicles, erode beaches and cause inland flooding. Very strong hurricanes can devastate houses, reduce water supply and lead to power outages that last weeks.

A Category 1 hurricane, which is the weakest type, can cause roof and siding damage. The strength of this hurricane can break large branches from old trees and cause power outages for several days. A Category 2 hurricane can blow over trees and lead to loss of power supply for several weeks.

A Category 3 hurricane usually causes roof, siding and gutter damage. Communities may also lose their water and electricity supply for a few weeks. People should treat water if there is no available clean drinking water.

Homeowners should prepare a home emergency preparedness kit and fuel a portable generator if a hurricane is about to strike. If a nearby tree falls over a home?s property line, the owner should contact his insurance provider to have the property restored. Individuals should fill bathtubs before the occurrence of a Category 3 hurricane to save water for bathing and flushing toilets. If a Category 4 or 5 hurricane is approaching, people should evacuate their houses, as the storm may cause significant structural damage to properties.