How Do You Cut a Snowflake?

You can cut paper snowflakes into an endless number of designs by folding paper and cutting notches around the edges. Make holiday snowflakes with plain office paper, construction paper, card stock or designer paper. You need a pair of scissors and, if desired, glitter, sequins or other decorations.

  1. Fold the paper

    Fold a single piece of paper in half diagonally to create a basic snowflake. Several folds make the paper more difficult to cut but create a much more intricate snowflake. Every fold you make must crease the paper in half, resulting in a single shape that includes equal sections of all layers of the piece of paper.

  2. Cut the paper

    Using the scissors, cut small notches and shapes around the edges of the folded shape. Vary the size or shape of the cuts, but do not overlap them. If desired, use a box cutter to cut sections out of the center of the piece. Cuts must be identical on all layers of the fold.

  3. Unfold and decorate the snowflake

    The snowflake shape reveals itself when the paper is unfolded. Use a damp cloth or sponge to press the snowflake flat. Once dry, add hangers or additional decoration as desired.