How Do You Find Current?


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In order to find current, Ohm's Law must be applied. The formula is broken down in the following way: Voltage represented by the letter: V, divided by Resistance represented by the letter: R.

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  1. Determine the value for voltage

    Voltage is the potential electrical difference in a circuit and is represented with the letter V. Voltage can be determined by finding the product of current and resistance.

  2. Determine the value of resistance used in a circuit

    Resistors are used in circuits to control the flow of current through various components. The value of a resistor can be determined by the color coded band on the component. Units of resistance are measured in ohms.

  3. Understand what current means

    Current is the electrical charge flowing through a circuit and is measured in units called Amps. Current flow through a circuit is directly affected by the amount of voltage and the amount of resistance present in a circuit. The greater the battery voltage in a circuit, the greater the flow of current. The greater the resistance in a circuit, the less current will then flow through the circuit. Using the interchangeable Ohm's Law formula can help determine the correct amount of resistance and voltage to use in a given circuit in order to avoid causing damage to the circuit.

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