What Are Cryptic Tonsils?


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Cryptic tonsils are small holes, or crypts, in the tonsils, which accumulate food, bacteria and other debris. These deposits can cause bad breath, sore throat and other throat ailments, according to HealthGuideHQ.

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Hardin Memorial Health describes tonsils as masses of tissue that are located in the back of the throat. Their actual function is not well understood, but it is believed that they are important for immune system development. Because they are located in the back of the throat, they are easy targets for capturing bacteria and germ-growing food sources. Cryptic tonsils are easy to spot and can be identified by the appearance of white bumps and pockets of pus in the back of the throat and on the tonsils. Many people mistake their appearance for that of strep throat.

While tonsils normally have crypts, many people can develop them over time, according to WebMd. People with tonsils that tend to have a lot of folds and wrinkles on them are more prone to infections, but the most common result is bad breath.

Treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition. HealthGuideHQ describes the treatment options as cleaning the crypts with an instrument like a toothpick to remove the debris. Other options include laser treatment, called cryptolysis, to surgically remove the crypts. For the most severe cases, complete removal of the tonsils, a tonsillectomy, resolves the problem.

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