How Do You Create Senegalese Twists?

How Do You Create Senegalese Twists?

To create Senegalese twists, you need to use either Kanekalon or Toyokalon synthetic hair extensions. Use Kanekalon extensions if your hair is tightly coiled, but use Toyokalon hair extensions if your hair is soft. Ensure that your hair is at least three-fourths of an inch in length.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Ensure that your scalp is free of any scalp problems. Wash your hair, and dry it thoroughly prior to styling.

  2. Style your hair

    Divide your hair in at least four sections. Divide each section in rows. Take one of the rows, and grab an extension that is similar in size to the row. Coil the two pieces together for one-half of an inch. Wrap the right-hand side twist over the left-hand side twist, and pull the left-hand side twist under. Continue twisting the two pieces together until you reach the end of the two pieces of hair. Continue with every row in each section.

  3. Finish and maintain your twists

    Use scissors to remove excess, straggly pieces of hair. Apply or place the clipped areas in hot water to flatten them. Apply oil to your hair over the course of a few days, and wear a soft headwrap when you sleep.