How Do I Create a Food Web Diagram?

To create a food web diagram, determine the organisms that make up the top level, secondary and primary consumers, and then determine producers and decomposers. Draw the diagram from top to bottom, and use arrows to indicate the movement of the food web. You need drawing paper and colored pencils.

  1. Write down the organisms that you want to include

    Find out what animals and producers make up your food web. Top level consumers can include humans, bears or whales. Secondary consumers can be prey or predators, but they can be eaten by the top level consumers. Write the names of the organisms starting with the top level consumers at the top, secondary consumers below them, and so on.

  2. Format the food web

    Fold a piece of drawing paper in half width-wise, then in half again to make four rectangular sections. Label the top section "Top level consumers," the second section "Secondary consumers," the third section "Primary consumers," and the fourth section "Producers." Draw an arrow going from each section to the next, starting from the top.

  3. Draw and label the organisms

    Draw the organisms according to their place in the food web. Color them in, and use a red colored pencil to color in the arrows. Label the organisms and briefly describe the significance of each food web section.