How Do You Create an Energy Pyramid for the Desert Biome?

How Do You Create an Energy Pyramid for the Desert Biome?

Create an energy pyramid for a desert biome by dividing a triangle into sections and labeling the necessary parts. The project takes less than an hour to complete and requires only a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the diagram

    Draw a large triangle. Divide it into four sections. Label the bottom level "primary producers" and the next level "primary consumers: herbivores." Write "secondary consumers: small carnivores" in the next section and "tertiary consumers: carnivores" in the highest section.

  2. Add the primary producers

    Place the plants found in a desert biome in the bottom level. These plants include the barrel cactus, saguaro cactus, soaptree yucca, ocotillo, Joshua tree, desert ironwood, creosote bush and brittle bush.

  3. Add the primary consumers and herbivores

    In the next level, write down all the primary consumers such as the jackrabbit, beetle, grasshopper, fringed lizard, California quail, kangaroo rat, desert tortoise and cactus mouse.

  4. Add the secondary consumers or small carnivores

    Add secondary consumers to the third level. The roadrunner, kit fox, scorpion, rattlesnake, red-tailed hawk and turkey vulture are found in this level.

  5. Add the tertiary consumers or carnivores

    Add the few tertiary consumers such as the eagle and owl. Tertiary consumers are rare in deserts because there are often not enough plants to sustain the top level of the energy pyramid.