How Do You Create an Energy Generator?


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Solar power energy generators are among the easiest and most efficient to make. To build one, purchase or gather these supplies: a monocrystalline solar panel, a charge controller, a deep cycle battery, an inverter and wire connectors with wires.

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Begin by connecting the inverter to the battery with the wires. Connect the negative wire to the battery's negative pole, and then connect the positive wire to the battery's positive pole. Once this is done, connect the charge controller to the solar panel and the battery itself. Always start by connecting the negative sides of the wires, and then follow with the positive sides.

Once this configuration is complete, the solar power generator is ready for use. Put it outside on a surface that is regularly exposed to strong sunlight. The clearer the day and brighter the sun, the easier the generator harnesses the sun's rays for later use. When the generator is charged over 50 percent, appliances can be connected to it and you can enjoy the solar energy. The types of appliances that the generator can power and their running times depend largely on the configuration of the generator, as more powerful photovoltaic cells can harness energy more efficiently for storage in larger battery cells.

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