How Do You Create a Chemistry Quiz With Answers for High Schoolers?

As of January 2016, the website of the Royal Society of Chemistry offers a tool that allows visitors to create their own multiple-choice chemistry quizzes after registering and logging into an account. Users can create their quizzes with or without feedback for each answer choice using quiz-generator forms. Another option is to use the ProProfs Quiz Maker on The tool features options for incorporating multiple-choice, essay, fill in the blank, matching or checkbox question formats.

To use the Royal Society of Chemistry's quiz generator, enter the Learn Chemistry section of the website, accessible by clicking on the Resources & tools tab on Select the Wiki link, and click on Quizzes and then Quiz: Writing your own quiz. After logging into a user account, click on the appropriate link depending on whether you wish to include feedback on the question choices.

After loading the quiz-generator form, type a name for the quiz into the appropriate text box. One question at a time, select the question number, and then type the question and each answer choice into their respective text boxes. Underneath each answer choice, there is a place to indicate whether it is a right or wrong answer. If you selected the form for creating a quiz with feedback, there is also a place to type in feedback beneath each answer choice. The form has room for up to five answer options.