What Are Some Crazy Science Experiments?


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Three crazy science experiments involved injecting an elephant with LSD, inducing clinical depression in monkeys and creating a mock prison environment. Each of these experiments was done in order to evaluate the behavioral characteristics of the subjects.

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In 1962 Warren Thomas injected Truko the elephant with 297 milligrams of LSD, which is 3,000 times the regular human dose. He performed this experiment, in Oklahoma City at the Lincoln Park Zoo, to see if the elephant would experience temporary madness. It was unsuccessful, however, as Truko passed away an hour after being injected.

In the 1950s, Harry Harlow induced clinical depression in young monkeys that had already bonded with their mothers. He did this by removing the monkeys from their mothers and locking them in dark cages in total isolation for as many as ten weeks. Many of his subjects became outwardly psychotic after only a few days, and at the end of a few weeks, they could not be treated.

In the 1970s, Philip Zimbardo selected 24 undergraduate students from Stanford University and put together a fake prison setting. Some students were assigned to be prison guards, and the others were prisoners. After two days, a third of the assigned prison guards began to act sadistically, leading to the removal from the study of two prisoners suffering from emotional distress.

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