What Is Cr2(So4)3?

The compound with the chemical formula Cr2(SO4)3 is chromium sulfate. Other names used to identify this compound include chromic sulfate, dichromium sulfate, dichromium trisulfate and chromium (III) sulfate. Its molecular formula is Cr2O12S3 and its molecular weight is 392.18.

In this compound, chromium has a +3 oxidation state, and the ratio between chromium and sulfate is 2:3. There are several ways of manufacturing chromium sulfate, such as adding sulfuric acid to chromium hydroxide, then starting a process of crystallization.

Chromium sulfate also results from the reaction between ferrochrome and sulfuric acid. For commercial purposes, mixtures containing chromium sulfate are manufactured through a process of organic reduction of a sodium dichromate solution.