Could a Tsunami Hit New York?

could-tsunami-hit-new-york Credit: Alec Perkins/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Any city located along marine coastal regions could fall prey to a tsunami. However, the chances of a tsunami hitting New York are slim because the Atlantic Ocean is not as prone to the earthquakes which fuel tsunami activity. In order for major tsunami devastation to occur, it needs the right location and specific conditions, such as a strong quake (6.5 and above) as well as shallow coastal waters, which allow wave height to build up.

A tsunami can only occur where a level of high seismic activity, such as an underwater earthquake or a landslide, takes place. Four out of every five tsunamis that occur in the world take place in an area with heavy plate boundary activity referred to as the "Ring of Fire," which is located in the Pacific Ocean.