Does It Cost Money to Start Recycling?


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Generally, it does not cost anything to begin recycling. Cities and apartment complexes usually provide separate trash cans for collecting recyclable material at no additional cost to their residents. Sometimes companies pay for recyclable goods.

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There are instances, however, in which one is expected to pay a fee in order to recycle goods. There is often a fee attached to recycling electronic goods due to the amount of work involved in disposal. Curbside collection of recyclable electronics is often done at a fee to residents of a particular area. However, some states and private collection companies offer electronic recycling free of charge. Washington State, for example, provides a free electronics recycling program to its residents. Larger electronics, such as television sets and computer monitors, have to be taken back to their manufacturer instead of being recycled. Whereas in California, an electronic waste recycling fee is imposed on all electronic goods bought, and the fees are used to pay for the future recycling of the product.

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