What Is the Correct Way to Open Glass Ampules?

The correct way to open a glass ampule is to quickly snap the neck of the bottle away from your body. It is best to start with clean hands and use gauze or a paper towel to protect your fingers from broken glass.

  1. Start with clean hands

    Wash your hands thoroughly or use gel sanitizer to keep the ampule and its contents as clean as possible.

  2. Clear the liquid in the top portion of the ampule

    Gently flick or tap the pointed top section of the ampule with your finger while holding it upright to encourage all the liquid to settle below the scored line on the ampule's neck.

  3. Protect your hands

    Using gauze or a paper towel to protect your fingers, firmly grasp the top portion of the ampule in your dominant hand, between the thumb and forefinger. Grasp the bottom portion in your other hand.

  4. Snap the ampule open

    Using firm but gentle pressure at the neck of the ampule, break it open by quickly snapping the neck away from your body. The ampule should break cleanly into two whole pieces.

  5. Discard entirely if the glass shatters

    If the glass shatters instead of breaking cleanly, gather up the shards using gauze or a paper towel. Since the medicine is not safe to use at this point, throw away the glass and the contents of the ampule.