What Is the Correct Name for Sn3(PO4)2?


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The correct name for the compound Sn3(PO4)2 is anhydrous stannous phosphate. This name is most often used in industrial contexts. Stannous phosphate is also known as tin phosphate.

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Stannous phosphate is used in conjuction with technetium 99m to radiolabel bone and blood prior to undergoing nuclear imaging studies in humans. It is also used as a buffer in methotrexate-technetium 99m radioimaging studies of bone tumors. Additionally, stannous phosphate's antioxidant properties and high solubility in water have led to its inclusion in dental products, such as toothpaste, denture adhesive and cleaning agents. Stannous phosphate is stable at room temperature and non-flammable.

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