What Is the Correct Name for P205?

Diphosphorus pentoxide is the compound name for the chemical formula P2O5. Another name for this compound is phosphoric anhydride because of its reaction with water that produces phosphoric acid. Diphosphorus pentoxide is a toxic substance.

The chemical reaction of burning phosphorus in dry air produces diphosphorus pentoxide. This compound is white and odorless. Its molecular weight is 141.94 grams per mole, and its boiling point is 680 degrees Fahrenheit. An application of diphosphorus pentoxide is as a dehydrating agent.

Because diphosphorus pentoxide is also corrosive, it can cause skin burns and eye injury. Similarly, inhaling this substance can cause symptoms that range from respiratory tract irritation to possible pulmonary edema. For these reasons, it is important to handle this substance with extreme care,