How Do You Correct Chlorine Lock in Your Swimming Pool?

correct-chlorine-lock-swimming-pool Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

According to Home Guides, chlorine lock, or stabilizer lock, is a term misused by uneducated providers of pool advice. Stabilizer is a critical part of the important oxidation and reduction potential for the pool to maintain effective sanitation. Home Guides provides a guide on how to maintain a pool using stabilizer.

First, measure the pool water temperature and record it. In addition, test the pool water with a testing kit and record the results. Then, calculate the pool size factor by dividing the number of gallons in the pool by 120,000. Remember that one pound of chlorine raises the chlorine concentration of 1 million pounds of water by one part per million. Next, find the minimum chlorine level in parts per million based on the temperature and pool test results recorded previously. In addition, calculate the chlorine breaking point by subtracting the free chlorine from the total chlorine to get the combined chlorine, and multiply it by 10. Then, calculate the amount of chlorine that needs to be added by multiplying the pool size factor by the chlorine breaking point. Next, find out the proper chlorine preparation to use for the type of routine chlorination used for the pool. Lastly, add the calculated super chlorination preparation to the pool.