What Are Some Cool Things to Do With Dry Ice?


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What Are Some Cool Things to Do With Dry Ice?
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Placing strawberries, blueberries, or sliced fruit inside a container that also includes dry ice causes the carbon-dioxide bubbles from the dry ice to become trapped inside of the fruit. This results in fruit that is fizzy.

Pressing a metal object, such as a knife or spoon, against a chunk of dry ice cause the metal object to vibrate. As it vibrates, the object also emits a noise that can be described as screaming or singing.

Making a frozen bubble with dry ice involves freezing a soap bubble over a piece of dry ice. As the bubble freezes, it appears as though it floats on top of the dry ice.

Drop a piece of dry ice inside a balloon and tie the balloon. The dry ice inflates the balloon.

Dry ice makes ice cream instantly when the carbon dioxide releases and freezes the ice cream ingredients, according to About.com.

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