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The “Mentos Geyser” and “Orange Flash” are two science experiments that are both fun and educational. Supervision and face protection are recommended for these projects.

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Perform the Mentos Geyser experiment in a large, open space. It requires a roll of Mentos, a two-liter bottle of diet soda and a sturdy platform for the launching. After placing the 2-liter bottle on the platform, pour an entire roll of Mentos into a paper roll slightly larger than a Mentos roll in width. Then slowly drop the Mentos into the bottle of diet soda via the paper roll. Quickly move to a safe distance from the bottle to observe the ensuing geyser.

The soda dissolves the gelatin and gum arabic inside the Mentos and exposes tiny nucleation holes inside the candy. The carbon dioxide from the soda sits in these holes and causes a release of gas that forces the soda out of the container.

The Orange Flash experiment requires an orange, a lighter and a bare candle. After peeling the orange and lighting the candle, hold a piece of orange peel close to the flame and squeeze it to create the resulting flash.

Squeezing the peel near the flame squirts the oil from the orange peel onto the flame, which causes a flammable reaction.

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