How Do You Convert UTC Into Your Time Zone?

To convert Coordinated Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Meridian Time, to your local time, use an online converter, such as the tool provided by Alternatively, you can convert the time manually using a time zone table, such as the one provided by EarthSky Communications at its website.

To use’s time zone converter, select your location from the menu. The page displays the current local time and UTC. To convert a time other than the current local time, select the date and time from the drop-down menus on the page. To convert UTC to another time zone, select UTC/GMT from the location menu.

To use a time zone table to calculate UTC, locate the time zone you wish to convert and identify the difference in hours. Either subtract or add the difference in hours to determine the UTC. For all locations in the United States, add the number of hours. For example, add four hours to Atlantic Standard Time, or add nine hours to Alaska Standard Time.

Take note of the date to properly calculate UTC, as times may differ seasonally due to daylight saving time. Also note that some states and regions may adjust local time by 30 minutes from the rest of the time zone.