How Do You Convert Standard Time to Military Time?


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To convert standard time to military time, add 12 hours to times after 12 p.m. and remove the punctuation. Military time runs on a 24-hour system without punctuation, while standard time uses a 12-hour system and a colon to separate hours and minutes.

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  1. Convert the 12-hour system to 24 hours

    For times ending in a.m., do not change the numbers; 12:00 a.m., however, becomes 00:00. For times after 12 p.m., add 12 hours. For example, 1:00 p.m. becomes 13:00.

  2. Remove the punctuation

    Remove the colon from the time you have converted. For example, 13:00 becomes 1300.

  3. Add placeholder digits if necessary

    Military time always includes 4 digits: two for the hours and two for the minutes. For single-digit hour times, like 400, add a digit at the beginning, so 4 becomes 04, and 400 becomes 0400.

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