How Do You Convert Square Meters to Linear Meters?

Linear feet are simply feet in a straight line and are usually used for things like lumber that have a set length but may come in different widths. To convert linear feet to square meters, the width of the board or item must be known; then the number of boards per square meter, size of the total area and total number of boards must be calculated.

The following steps describe the process:

  1. Determine the width
  2. Measure the face width of the boards or other item used in millimeters. Add any spacing amount desired between boards.

  3. Determine number of boards per square meter
  4. Divide 1000 millimeters by the width of one board in millimeters. For instance, 1000 millimeters divided by a 100 millimeter width equals 10 boards per square meter.

  5. Determine the size of the total area
  6. Measure the estimated total area in square meters. Multiply the length by the width of the area to get its size.

  7. Find out how much length is needed
  8. Multiply the total area in square meters by the number of boards per square meter. For instance, an area of 50 square meters multiplied by 10 boards per square meter equals 500 meters of linear length.