How Do You Convert Psi to Pa?

Converting from pounds per square inch to pascals is a simple unit conversion problem that can be solved in a short amount of time with pencil and paper or calculator. Simply multiply the known information by the conversion factor, cancel the units and solve the equation.

  1. Write the information as a multiplication problem

    To convert pressure units from pounds per square inch (psi) to pascals (Pa), write the known value along with the conversion factor between the two units as a regular unit conversion factor problem. One pound per square inch is equal to 6894.7 pascals. The equation to convert 17 pounds per square inch to pascals looks like this: 17 psi x 6894.7 Pa/psi.

  2. Cancel the units

    Next, eliminate pounds per square inch from the equation so you are left with only pascals. This process is possible because the unit psi appears as the numerator of one fraction (17 psi) and the denominator of the other (6894.7 Pa/psi) After cancelling the units, the equation should look like this: 17 x 6894.7 Pa.

  3. Solve

    Simply do the math, and solve the problem. Multiply 17 by 6894.7 Pa to find the correct answer of 117,209 Pa. Be sure to include the unit, pascals, with the answer.