How Do You Convert Pounds to Kilograms?


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In order to convert pounds into kilograms, divide the number of pounds by 2.2046. For example, 3 pounds is equivalent to 1.3608 kilograms.

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  1. Set up your formula

    1 kilogram equals to 2.2046 pounds, so the relationship between kilograms and pounds can be summarized in the formula below: 1kg / 1 = 1 lb / 2.2046

  2. Plug in all known and unknown variables

    If the kilograms are the unknown variable, they can be placed into the formula as "x". The amount of pounds is known, therefore, to calculate our unknown kilograms, plug the known variable, number of pounds, into the formula.

  3. Calculate kilograms

    Your unknown x-variable corresponds with kilograms, so after you have plugged in all of your values, solve for x. For example, if a measurement of 3 lbs is being converted into kilograms, the formula would appear as follows: x kg / 1 = 3 lbs / 2.2046 Once solved, you see that x = 1.3608, which means that 3 pounds is equivalent to 1.3608 kilograms. If you need to convert the solution into grams, you must multiply the amount of kilograms by 1000. For example, 1.3608 kg x 1000 = 13,608 g. If you would like to convert kilograms into pounds, you simply multiply "x" kilograms by 2.2046.

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