How Do You Convert Pm to Cm?

Converting picometers to centimeters is not difficult if you consider there are 10000000000 picometers in 1 centimeter. This is also known as 1.0E+10, which simply means that you need 10 zeros or units to the right of the decimal. The picometer, then, is 10 billionths of a centimeter.

  1. Record the number of picometers

    Start the equation by writing down the number of picometers you want to convert to centimeters. If you want to use a calculator, you need a scientific calculator that can record up to 10 decimal places to the right or to the left of the decimal point.

  2. Divide the picometer value by 10000000000

    Divide the number of picometers by 10000000000 to get the equivalent centimeter value.

  3. Record your answer

    Note that 1 picometer is equivalent to .0000000001 centimeter. This is also known as 1.0E-10 cm.