How Do You Convert Pedometer Steps Into Miles?


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First, determine the average length of your step in inches, and then multiply the length of your average step by the number of steps that are recorded by the pedometer. Convert the total inches to miles by dividing by 63,360.

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  1. Determine the average length of your step in inches

    Plant one foot, and take a step forward with the other foot. Use a ruler, yard stick or tape measure to figure out the length of your typical step in inches. Measure the distance from the tip of your planted foot to the tip of the foot that stepped forward.

  2. Multiply the length of your stride by the number of steps

    Take the number of steps recorded by the pedometer. Multiply this number by the number of inches in your stride. This provides an estimated total number of inches traveled.

  3. Convert total inches to miles

    To convert from total inches to miles, divide the number of inches by 63,360, the number of inches in 1 mile.

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