How Do You Convert OGM to AVI?


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The easiest way to convert an OGM file to an AVI file is with a file conversion application such as VirtualDUBMOD, OGM to AVI, or Files-Conversion.com. VirtualDUBMOD and OGM to AVI are both available for free download. Files-Conversion.com has an in-browser tool for converting OGM files to AVI files.

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To use VirtualDUBMOD, run the application, and open the OGM file by clicking File, then clicking Open, then double-clicking the file. Once the file is open, click File, and then Save As. Select .AVI as the file type. Finally, save the new AVI file. If the OGM has OGG audio, it may be necessary to recompress it as MP3 audio. To do this, click Streams, and then choose Stream List. Find the audio stream, right click on it, and select compression. Choose Lame MP3, and click OK.

To use OGM to AVI, run the application, and select one or more OGM files by dragging and dropping them from File Explorer to the OGM to AVI window. Finish the process by clicking Covert Files.

To convert a file using Files-Conversion.com, navigate to the website in a browser, and click the Video link at the top of the page. Click the Select a File button, and choose the OGM file in the file browser. Make sure that the Convert Into field reads .AVI, as this is the default setting. Finally, click convert, and choose where to save the new file.

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