How Do You Convert Natural Gas Prices?


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Natural gas prices can be converted from units such as Ccf or Mcf to prices in terms of BTUs, Therms and similar units through the use of natural gas unit conversion charts. Natural gas conversion tools allow simple conversions between natural gas units such as MMcf and BTU, which allows a user to convert a known natural gas price between units. Natural gas conversion resources are available on EIA.gov and NatGas.info.

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Natural gas prices can be given in terms of volume of substance or usage derived from the substance, depending on which units are used. BTU, or Btu, stands for British Thermal Unit, a measurement that is equal to the heat required to bring the temperature of one pound of water up by one degree Fahrenheit. According to the website of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average heat content of natural gas in 2014 was approximately 1,028 BTU per CF. CF, or cubic feet, is a volumetric unit of measurement often used in conjunction with natural gas and abbreviated by terms such as Ccf and Mcf. There are 100 cubic feet per Ccf and 1,000 cubic feet per Mcf.

By taking the average heat content of natural gas to be 1,028 BTU per cubic foot, prices can be converted between units of volume and units of usage.

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