How Do You Convert a Natural Gas Grill to Liquid Propane?


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To convert a natural gas grill to use liquid propane, purchase and install an appropriate conversion kit. Conversion kits come in both manufacturer-approved and aftermarket versions. Propane grills can also be converted to gas-powered grills using conversion kits.

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The simplest conversion kits contain a single adapter hose to connect a grill to a propane tank. These kits are intended for use with portable grills, outdoor heaters, camping stoves and other gas-powered camping equipment. More complex kits for use with residential gas grills include valves and fittings in addition to the adapter hose.

To install a standalone adapter hose on a portable grill, attach one end of the hose to the grill and the other to the propane tank. Refer to the conversion kit's instructions to install more complicated kits. The parts and directions vary between conversion kit manufacturers and gas grill models.

Conversion kits certified by grill manufacturers are intended for use on dual-fuel gas grills. These grills are produced with conversion in mind, and are covered by warranty for use with both gas and propane. Aftermarket kits exist to convert grills that are not manufactured as dual-fuel models, but manufacturers such as Char-Broil do not support or warranty grills that use these kits.

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