How Do You Convert Micrometers to Centimeters?


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Converting micrometers to centimeters is not difficult if you know that there are 10,000 micrometers in 1 centimeter. This means that a micrometer is a 10,000th of a centimeter. You will simply move the decimal point four places to the left or the right.

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How Do You Convert Micrometers to Centimeters?
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  1. Record your starting value in micrometers

    Start your equation by writing down, or inputting into a calculator, the micrometer value that you wish to convert to centimeters.

  2. Divide your micrometer value by 10,000

    If you have 1 micrometer, divide 1 by 10,000. A quicker way to work this equation is to move the decimal point to the left four places.

  3. Record your answer

    Write down your answer, which shows that 1 micrometer is equal to 0.0001 centimeters.

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